10+1 reasons to choose the University of Dunaújváros

Deciding where to study is a huge task, especially if you're going abroad - and no one can make that choice for you. What’s best for you depends on who you are, what you want from your student experience, and even what you want from life. In this article we will list 10+1 reasons why we think that the University of Dunaújváros will be an excellent choice for you!

   #1 – Valuable EU degree

The University of Dunaújváros is a public university of applied sciences in Hungary, offering competitive degrees on the European and global market. The University of Dunaújváros was the first among the Hungarian higher education institutions that received an ISO 9001-2000 quality certificate according to the European regulations.

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   #2 – Modern campus

The infrastructural development of the University of Dunaújváros is very impressive. Our Campus is a complex of modern classrooms, lecture halls, a public library, professional laboratories, sport and leisure facilities and newly renovated student hostels. We also have a huge public park in front of our main building with a fountain, a bio-pond and planted areas. UOD has great laboratories, as well, a part of which serves the practical needs of our education, and quite a few of them are devoted to research & development in cooperation with the significant industrial companies of our region.

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   #3 – Competitive degree

We experience a high level of satisfaction among employers concerning students having graduated from UOD. According to the lastest statistics of the national Central system for tracking graduates’ careers (published in August 2019), the average gross income of UOD graduates is

  • the highest in the field of teacher training,
  • the second best in the field of communication and media sciences,
  • and it is among the top 5 in the field of engineering.
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#4 – Guaranteed accomodation

We provide accommodation to every international student in our dormitory buildings. We have got room for the students with 2 or 3 beds, each room has got a bathroom. And in the community rooms on every floor of the dormitory there are community rooms: a kitchen for cooking and a room for washing and drying the clothes.

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   #5 – International University

UOD receives students from all over the world. Our international students come from 38 countries in 4 continents. So if you are up to study and live in a multicultural environment – UOD is definitely a place for you!

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   #6 – Student friendly atmosphere

You will enjoy small class sizes at UOD, allowing you high faculty/student interaction with helpful professors. You will be able to grow meaningful relationships with your fellow students, and learn from professionally qualified faculty who care about you and your success. Many of our students said that a greater sense of community was the factor that clinched it for them.

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   #7 – Safe and friendly city

Dunaújváros is a middle-sized town in Hungary on the bank of the Danube, with so many peaceful and green places for relaxing and studying. The campus is also located in the inner city of Dunaújváros, so from the campus it is easy-to-reach our contracted doctor’s office, the hospital and the polyclinic buildings, several banks, the swimming-pool complex, the central bus station, the post office, many shops, department stores with only a few-minute-long walk.

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   #8 - Practice oriented education

The University of Dunaújváros aims to provide its students with a competitive, practice-oriented education and focused skills needed for building their careers when entering the job market. As a university of applied sciences UOD greatly values up-to-date skills and applied research. With other words: we put huge emphasis on academic content with an exposure to practical problems.

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   #9 – Wide network of industrial and business partners

Our university is proud to have established great industrial relationships, that provide internship and future career opportunities for our students and graduates. We established strategic partnerships among others with Tungsram, Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Rusatom International Network, MÁV Group (Hungarian National Railway Company) and HANKOOK Tire Company. Thanks also to our partners, students find internship placement or employment at e.g. Apple, Mozilla Foundation, SUN and CISCO IT, labs, Omron industrial automation, Siemens mobile technology,SKF Swedish Ball Bearings, FESTO pneumatics.

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   #10 - Good sporting and leasure facilities

Hungarians have a real passion and talent for sports, and it is particularly true for our city and University. Our students can join several sports team of the University and take part in different competitions. To support all this activity our University has a good range of high quality sport facilities. We have a big sports hall and a sports centre with a fitness gym equipped with modern machines, exercise studios and other facilities such as squash courts, bowling alleys and snooker tables. Outdoors, we have a grass pitch for soccer and other sports and an athletics track. Besides our students can have access to indoor swimming pools, an ice rink and other sport facilities of the many local sport centres and clubs at a reduced charge.

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   # 10+1 – Close to the capital, Budapest

Our town is situated 70 kms away from Budapest, to the South. It is easy, fast and comfortable to travel to Budapest from Dunaújváros by either the long-distance bus service or by train, both taking only a little bit more than one hour.

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